Truthly is a mobile app that makes it possible to receive personal, constructive feedback from your friends anonymously.

Mostly it's for people who are interested in constructive exchanges, making real progress in their development as a human being. Friends and family, coworkers - people in your closest circles - help you learn about yourself and grow your character.

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We've seen 'explosions' of registrations in different countries. It started from Italy and the biggest one was in Russia where 2 000 users signed up in 2 days and all started from one share when someone shared his feedback request link Facebook.

To understand our target group we went through facebook profiles of all our users and separated two groups of people who use Truthly. The first group we call 'successful people'. They are people who are successful in their career but they know they still need to move forward and for that they need 'to improve'. This group of people use Truthly as a tool for self-improvement. The other group we call 'teenagers'. They are high school kids and students who use Truthly for the fun.

The team

We started Truthly with my friend then we expanded our team to 8 person. Half of us are experienced software developers with more than 10 years experience. Two of our founders are entrepreneurs.